Tecno Phantom V Fold Quick review

Tecno Phantom V Fold – Quick Review

Tecno has successfully launched the Phantom v-fold at DCR’s Mobile World Congress, revealing what appears to be the cheapest tablet-type foldable in the world. From my hands-on experience with the V-fold, I can only arrive at one conclusion – Tecno is not here to play.

Interestingly, the Phantom v-fold was not the only new tech Tecno had on display at MWC. A new Spark 10 Pro, the already available Tecno Phantom X2 Pro, accessories, and laptops. Tecno is onto something, and they are building up their ecosystem.


Tecno Phantom V Fold Hands-On- Review

Now, the Phantom v-fold might be their latest and most premium smartphone yet, but it’s not their first attempt to target the premium segment. A few months ago, we saw the Phantom X2 Pro with the retractable portrait camera, and now we have them competing in affordable segments.

Now, this becomes more interesting when you realize that aside from the fact that there are not many manufacturers daring into affordable, before now, only Samsung had global availability, as other manufacturers have targeted just the Chinese or Asian markets. The Phantom v-fold is the first, aside from Samsung, to make a globally available tablet-style foldable.


Correct me if I’m wrong, and the best part is, it is significantly more affordable than all of the competition, with a starting price of around 1099 US Dollars, all while offering that premium flagship foldable feel, solid build quality, and pretty much an external display design with which Samsung will adopt. It has pretty much the aspect ratio of the standard slab phone, meaning your apps will adapt well and have nothing cut off.

External and Internal Displays of The New Flex Device

The right edge of the external display is curved nicely. As for the internal display, we’ve seen one with a less visible crease, which I’d say looks a lot better but with the downside of not being able to maintain different Flex angles. You can only fold it close or open, no in between. It also folds flat with no gaps in between, so fewer concerns about getting dust into the display.

Impressive 2K Resolution and LTPS Technology


It has a 2K resolution, and it looks great on both displays. We have LTPS technology that is a 120Hz variable refresh rate. I say Tecno pretty much went all out on this one, and I only wish I had more time with the Phantom v-fold, but on the bright side, it is coming to Nigeria soon, and I might get a unit and use it more to give a proper and more detailed review.

Smooth Software and Impressive Specs

Smooth Software and Impressive Specs

One thing you’d notice when operating the Phantom v-fold is the smoothness of the software, a lot smoother than what we are used to with iOS. This runs on a Ford version of their software and has been optimized for over 2000 apps. It can multitask quite well, with one of its tricks being able to go into split-screen mode by just swiping down from the middle.

As far as specs go, the Phantom v-fold is right up there with the big guns, sporting the Dimension 9000 Plus, which is a flagship processor, with 12 gigs of RAM, and 256 or 512 gig memory options. It gets a 5000 milliampere house battery. I think that is also the largest battery on the foldable (need to confirm that).

Camera Features of the Tecno Phantom v-Fold: Impressive Dynamic Range and Sharpness

“I may not have had enough time with the Phantom V4, but I held it long enough to check out its cameras, which left quite the impression, especially for the fact that like most foldable, you can use the rear camera for selfies. The dynamic range, skin tones, and sharpness were quite impressive and arguably the best I’ve seen from any Tecno phone.

Portraits are near perfect with edge detection. Now, I actually look forward to testing it more when it becomes officially available in Nigeria. It is capable of shooting videos up to 4K 60 frames per second, even when you are using the rear camera for selfies, and it looks really sharp with an impressive HDR.

Let me know your thoughts on the Phantom V4 and what your expectations are.”


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