Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13

Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13 – Which Is Better?

The Samsung Galaxy A04s or the Samsung Galaxy A13? It’s actually a very reasonable question to ask seeing that the recently released and more affordable Galaxy A04s has a lot of similarities to the A13, not just in specs but also in design.

But both have distinctive features and advantages that can be a deciding factor for which to choose. But I’m sure the exact question on everyone’s mind is if the Galaxy A04s is the better deal.


Let’s find out.

To make this comparison as precise as possible I’ll be focusing on key areas where these devices are similar or differ from each other.

Design & Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13  - Design & Build Qualitu

At first glance, you could mistake the new Samsung Galaxy A04s for the A13 as it sports the exact same design with very subtle differences, one of which is the slight texture on the rear of the A04s compared to the purely glossy finish on the A13.

Another difference you’ll notice is that the A13 gets an extra camera sensor above the flashlight, so it’s a quad rear camera setup compared to the triple setup on the A04s. The A13 also gets the advantage of build quality as it gets a Gorilla glass 5 protected display, which is a tougher glass.



But depending on how you choose to look at it, that’s not exactly an advantage as it also means it will be costlier to fix should you damage the display.

The Galaxy A13 is part of the devices eligible for Samsung Care Plus complimentary screen repair. The Galaxy A04s with lesser display protection is pretty much cheaper to fix the display at just N12,500 anytime, That’s less than $20 and Samsung Care Plus registration is not required.

But there’s also the fact that the Galaxy A13 has better display quality but we’ll get to that later. Note that the A13 should be the better device as it’s a higher A series device and has some spec advantages.

This post is to explain to you just how close the Samsung Galaxy A04s is to the A13 since it sports a similar design and the same processing power which might just be enough for some people.

Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13 Price In Nigeria

On price, the A04s are more affordable, while the current exchange rates have pushed their prices up significantly, you can actually pick up the A04s from Jumia for about N96,000 and the A13 for about N110,000.

Weight, Battery Capacity & Charging

Both devices weigh exactly the same, have the same battery capacity and both support 15 watts of fast charging, and they both come with a charger in the box, so no worries on that one.

Sofware & Processor

Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13

They run on the same One UI 4.1 core software based on Android 12, and I’ve not noticed any major software advantage of the A13 over the A04s. Since they both run on the same Exynos 850, you can expect the performance to be largely the same except for the slightly smoother animations on the A04s thanks to its higher refresh rate.

They will both get about two to 3 years of software support from Samsung. The A13 might get an extra year but that’s just my speculation. It will definitely get faster updates since it’s higher up the pecking order on the A series lineup.

Display Compared

Samsung Galaxy A04s vs A13  - Display

While these two may look the same, in terms of functionality the A04s gets a lesser 720p IPS Display compared to the higher resolution 1080p display on the A13 which looks a lot better. But the Galaxy A04s compensates by having a 90hz refresh rate which is more than the 60hz on the A13.

That is to say, you get smoother animations on the A04s and it feels smoother overall thanks to its higher refresh rate. It now comes down to what you prefer between a really good high res 1080p display but with 60hz or a decent 720p display which is standard for this price point, but with a 90hz refresh rate.

The Exynos 850 is not your average gaming processor but it’s good at everything else. That doesn’t mean it won’t do low-graphics gaming, just keep your expectations low.

The A04s might have a slight advantage in gaming performance due to its low resolution and high refresh rate but I doubt it will be major.

Camera Specs

Another major functionality difference is in the cameras as the A13 gets better overall camera specifications, sporting a better 8MP selfie camera, and an additional 5MP Ultra-wide camera. The rest of the specifications are the same, 50MP main camera, macro, and depth sensor. I’ll also go on to say it has the better overall camera performance.

They both shoot videos at 1080p 30fps from both selfie and rear cameras, and they both have dual noise-canceling microphones.

you can’t go wrong with either of the two devices, but If you’re someone that doesn’t use cameras that much, I will advise you to choose the A04s as its cameras are decent and it’s more affordable while packing the same performance.

You can get the A13 if you have a preference for its cameras and want that sharper 1080p display. You only get to sacrifice a 90hz refresh rate.

The pricing of both is actually not that far apart. Hopefully, this article helps you decide which will best suit your smartphone needs. Or you can be a baller and just buy both 😅.


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