LG Counter-Depth Max: Should You Buy it?

The new LG Counter-Depth Max is the largest counter-depth refrigerator at almost 27 cubic feet. Also only smaller by three cubic feet than the largest 30 cubic foot refrigerators you can buy. In this post, you’ll learn the features of the new counter-depth max and a few problems. We’ll also compare counter-depth max versus Samsung, GE, and other LG refrigerators.

Counter-Depth Max Size

For context, the new counter-depth max is two and a half cubic feet larger than the next largest at 24 cubic feet. 2.5 cubic feet looks like this dorm refrigerator. I remember packing tons of cold cuts and other junk into mine in school. The average counter-depth refrigerator is about 22.5 cubic, so the difference of 4 cubic feet is more substantial. 4 cubic feet look like this or a slightly larger dorm refrigerator.

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LG Counter-Depth Max Models

You have three choices for these larger counter-depth max refrigerators. The LG LRFL2706SS is the least expensive at $1,999 with an internal water dispenser.

The LRFG2706 adds the instaView so you can look inside your refrigerator for $200 more. You can also choose to keep the glass panel dark and choose not to look inside the refrigerator. The LRFOC2606 offers the outside dispenser and the instaView window for $3,499.

Best Features

  • Temperature Control
  • Door Cooling+
  • Cool Guard Interior

The refrigerator uses nine sensors to monitor temperature throughout the refrigerator and freezer versus two for many other brands. Door cooling is such a good feature. LG employs vents on the top of the freezer and refrigerator. When you open the door, cold air is blown from top to bottom to keep the temperature consistent.

It reminds me of entering a store on a hot day and feeling that initial blast of air conditioning in the front. Stainless absorbs cold better, so place whatever you want colder next to the stainless.


LG is again the most reliable French door refrigerator, with 8.1% needing service within the first year. This is after settling class action suits in 2019.

Since then, they improved their inverter compressors. Inverters, at least in theory, work with fewer parts than regular compressors for fewer problems.


  • Thinner Insulation
  • Thicker Door

However, large capacity is a new design derived from thinner insulation. The doors appear a bit thicker, so you may have to be careful if your refrigerator is next to a doorway. That said, this new refrigerator should end the standard versus counter-depth refrigerator battle because you now have a counter-depth aesthetic in the standard size.


The first counter max will be larger, but it is missing a few features. The LG Studio is the next largest at 24 cubic feet.

There are more features in the counter max like Craft Ice, which is a larger slower dissolving ice Cube. Studio also features a door and door. You can open the inside door to access your sodas without opening the main compartment. Other smaller LG models also feature French doors with drawers instead of the classic three-door french door. Counter max is also much bigger than the Samsung counter-depths at 26.5 versus 22.8 for Samsung. Much like the LG Studio, Samsung has more designs, including the family hub built into Android tablets.

You can buy their bespoke line of different color variations of many different styles of refrigerators. The bottom right compartment of their four-door refrigerator is convertible to a fridge or freezer. We don’t sell Samsung anymore, but I like their four-door refrigerators.

Once again, the counter max will be much bigger than the GE units at 26.5 versus 22.3 for the GE. GE does have other features. First, they have different handle options of brass, copper, black, and of course, stainless steel.

In their Profile and Cafe lines, you can have a Keurig coffee built into the dispenser and GE also has a service department. Which you will need for a refrigerator, especially if you’re buying from a store without service.


The counter max is large enough to eliminate the need to buy a standard depth. You don’t have to worry about building your cabinets out or buying another unit for storage. You may not buy the counter max, but it certainly deserves consideration. If you want to learn more about freestanding, built-in, or integrated refrigerators, click one of these links, and thanks for watching.

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