Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24 Scholarships at Google

Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24 Scholarships at Google

Applications are invited to apply for the Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24 at Google. The Google scholarship is one of the best scholarships among all scholarships. Applications are now open for the Google Scholarship 2023-2024 to pursue an undergraduate degree program. It’s a great opportunity for women, especially because it emphasizes their computer science intentions. This scholarship helps nurture the career of students towards future development. The main objective of this scholarship is to improve the career of students who mainly belong to backward or underdeveloped areas. The basic purpose of this scholarship is to better the students of these communities. Also apply for the Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University 2023-24 in China (Fully Funded).

The Generation Google Fellowship is basically strongly encouraged for women who want to ensure their dedication to diversity and different cultural environment by engaging and communicating with people from different cultures. Young women who truly understand the true meaning of equality politics and believe in the justice of social satisfaction in society, this scholarship is basically for them and strongly encouraged them to apply for the scholarship. In addition to this, this scholarship offers a great opportunity for women to participate in the economy of the country by giving the best of themselves in their work experiences and careers. Therefore, this scholarship is strongly encouraged for women to become an important part of the Google community and give their best in this technology development platform and develop their careers in the future in the platform technological.


This scholarship also works on the unity of the Google community and offers international cooperation between communities of different cultures. The great thing about this scholarship is that it identifies such goals for the global society to be set in the future like in Agenda 2030. He believes that political and economic arrangements are not even satisfactory to ensure survival of humanity. But here we can say that the social factor of this thing is satisfactory, here the harmony of the social factor can be considered here regarding this affirmation. The Google scholarship gives students the opportunity to work well and work innovatively in collaboration with different regional people with different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds as well as different political thoughts.

The main objective of the Google scholarship program is to broaden the horizon of information technology with the full knowledge of the field. By devoting the younger generations to the field of technology. There is no difference in age, sex, race and ethnicity. Students work together using their energies to achieve goals. This thing helps students realize their career in technology and get access to quality-oriented education in addition to professional training. Google works on the nation’s strength factor and promotes information around the world by maintaining national sovereignty. Must apply for the Google Lime Scholarship 2023-24 application process.

Financial Benefits:

Google Generation scholarship 2023-24 is a Partially Funded Scholarship to undertake Bachelors Degree. Scholarship will cover the following:

  • A candidate will be given an amount of $2500 USD as a stipend for the whole year.
  • The applicant will be able to polish their abilities and professional skills.
  • This scholarship provides the great opportunity to the students to work under the expertise of the world.

Documents Required:

  • A copy of resume in the pdf file.
  • All transcripts of previous degrees in the form of pdf.
  • A copy of two short answers that are also in the pdf form.

Eligibility Criteria:

To apply for Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24, candidates have to fulfill the given below criteria:

  • An applicant must be the student of graduate for the year 2023-2024.
  • The candidate must be the student of 2nd year in the graduate program.
  • The applicant should be the student of any university in Asia Pacific country.
  • The applicant must be the student of the any technical field like computer science or any other related field.
  • The academic record of the candidate must be excellent.
  • The applicant must be fond of uplifting the career of the underdeveloped people or groups.

Application Deadline:

The last date to apply for the Generation Google scholarship 2023-2024 is 15th May 2023 for International Applicants.

How to Apply for Google Generation scholarship?


Applicants need to follow the given below instructions to apply for Google Generation scholarship 2023-24 Scholarships at Google:

  • There will be only online apply.
  • The applicant must have to provide the all information of the university and other general information.
  • All details of the resume will be uploaded related to the technical participation in the different projects or the work for the community welfare.
  • All required fields will be filled correctly.
  • The applicant must be able to answer the questions of pragmatic approach.
  • Those candidates which will be shortlisted have to appear in the 15 min meeting or the greet session.
  • The applicants have to pass through the google online challenge.
  • Complete the full application carefully and with full attention that, there should be not any mistake.

Official Link

Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24 Scholarships at Google
Google Generation Scholarship 2023-24 Scholarships at Google

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