Samsung Galaxy A04s full Review And Price In Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A04s -Full Review & Price In Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy A04s is Samsung’s recent budget offering for the entry-level A series, sporting a more improved design and major improvements in specifications when compared to its predecessor. We get an upgraded 50MP main camera, and the Exynos 850 processor and the highlight for me has to be the presence of a 90hz refresh rate display… And it’s affordable.

Samsung Galaxy A04s Price In Nigeria

You can buy a brand new one at the price of N102,500 for the base version which has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. You can actually find a good deal on Jumia for N96,000. Not sure how long that price will remain there That’s somewhere around $120 if I’m correct.


Samsung Galaxy A04s Review

The Galaxy A04s might just be the better value for the money. The Samsung Galaxy A04s is a successor to the A03s from last year.

It looks very identical to the A13 with the only difference being in the color options and what seems to be a pattern on the rear. But you can hardly tell them apart, and that’s actually a good thing if you’re looking to save some money but love the A13’s design.


Samsung Galaxy A04s Unboxing Experience

Samsung Galaxy A04s Unboxing Experience

For the unboxing experience, I’d say it’s pretty straightforward and the box contains the essential accessories except for earphones. Also, no protective casing.

Design & Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy A04s Design & Build Quality

Design-wise like we already established, it looks like a replica of the A13 except that there’s slight texture on the rear, but I’d say it’s still mostly glossy.


But it’s a nice device on the hands. It comes in 3 colors, green, black and white. Like most devices for this region, the Galaxy A04s accepts dual Nano sim cards and gets an extra slot for A micro SD card. This can be seen as a major upgrade to the A03s from last year merely looking at its specs. I like that the base version for this region this time has 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage.

Processor & Performance

So, performance will be just as expected for this price point with barely any concerns about multitasking. The Exynos 850 powering the A04s is fitting here if you ask me.


Samsung Galaxy A04s Display

Unlike the A13, it doesn’t get the demanding high-resolution 1080p display but rather a good-looking 720p display which should put less demand on the processor and give a smoother experience all around, especially since it gets a 90hz screen refresh rate.

It’s a water drop notch style as we normally see on the budget end of Samsung’s A Series. It doesn’t get gorilla glass 5 but it’s still quite a tough one. It might interest you to know that the Galaxy A04s is probably the cheapest Samsung phone to fix should you damage the display. It costs just N12,500 to fix, that’s somewhere under $20. And it doesn’t need to be registered for Samsung Care Plus. So no worries about Samsung screens being expensive to fix.

Charging & Battery Capacity

The A04s supports 15 watts of fast charging via USB Type-C, and it packs a 5000mAh Battery. From my experience battery life here are no worries as you will find this to last you at least a day of use.

Android Operating System & UI

Samsung Galaxy A04s Software & UI

While it might be an entry-level device, this has enough power to handle your regular tasks including multi-tasking. It runs on Android 12 and One UI 4.1 Core version.

That is to say, you will get the basic One UI experience with the exception of a few features like a secure folder, edge panel, and some other advanced features reserved for the higher A series and flagships. You do get a smart view here so no worries about connecting this to your TV.

The software experience is as expected of a Samsung device and easily one of the best for this price point. 90hz refresh rate makes it smoother to operate the Galaxy A04s. We can also expect at least 2 to 3 years of major OS upgrades here.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Galaxy A04s gets a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which does the job of securing and unlocking the device as needed. It doubles as the power button.

Gaming Test

For gaming, I’ll say keep your expectations at a minimum because the Exynos 850 might be a really good processor for this price point but it is not one for gaming.

Actually, at this price point, you shouldn’t be looking to do heavy gaming, but it will handle low graphics for the most part. As long as you keep your expectations low on the gaming aspect you should be pretty satisfied with the performance of the A04s.

I actually like that performance wise you can compare this to the A13 thanks to the same 8nm Exynos processor.

Camera specs

Samsung Galaxy A04s Camera

Another area where the Samsung Galaxy A04s impresses is its cameras. It sports an upgraded configuration from its predecessor, hosting a 50MP Main camera alongside a macro and depth sensor. The selfie camera remains 5MP.

It actually does well with photos as you get them sharp and with good colors. Also does decent on HDR, although it could be hit or miss when there’s a human subject. But when it hits, you get impressive results including portraits. The selfie camera while just 5MP actually does decent and produces good selfies with the right lighting. As long as you have your lighting conditions right, it will meet and probably exceed your expectations for an entry-level android device.

Video Recording

For video, it can shoot 1080p from both selfie and rear cameras So this is the Samsung Galaxy A04s, testing out its selfie camera, 5MP selfie camera, shooting 1080p 30 frames per second.

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The Samsung Galaxy A04s is a proper upgrade to the A03s and I like that it’s very close in specifications to the higher A13 while offering a higher refresh rate display and being more affordable This is a good option if you want a solid device with stable software, decent cameras and don’t wish to break the bank.


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